Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is electronically done in order to improve efficiency and provides a valuable benefit to your employees.
• Eliminates the expense of stop payments and reissues for lost or stolen Cheques
• Reduces costs and time associated with reconcilement, dispatch, postage and Cheques printing
• Reduced time spent in writing and signing numerous Cheques to Banks and Branches Countrywide.
• Payroll confidentiality is maintained.
• Eliminates special handling of absent employees’ Cheques
Consider this service if your company:
• Wants to reduce costs associated with payroll
• Would like to reduce the risk of check fraud
• Wants to offer employees more choice
• Has a number of employees working off-site

Forex Exchange

Amana Bank offers both customers and non-customers foreign exchange at competitive rates. We trade in most major currencies including the US Dollar, British Pound and the Euro.

Internet Banking

Amana Internet banking provides our customers with a safe and secure platform to keep intouch with their bank activities and statement all the time.